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1. Candidates clearing Intermediate examination in the last session only will be eligible for admission at the graduation level.

2. For admission in Arts Faculty the candidate must have scored at least 40 per cent marks and for admission in Science and Commerce Faculties he/she mush have scored at least 45 per cent marks. But this requirement of minimum score does not apply on Scheduled Caste candidates.

3. Failed candidates and those caught in copying will not be given admission.

4. The candidates against whom criminal cases are lodged or who have been punished in criminal cases will not be given admission.

5. Relevant admission committees will have full rights to recommend or to refuse to recommend admission to any candidate and the principal will have full rights to accept or reject such recommendation.

6. Admission of candidates seeking admission on misrepresentation of facts or misinforming will be cancelled.

7. After taking admission, change of subjects chosen will not be allowed.

8. 75 per cent attendance will be necessary in classes.

9. Admission of students indulging in indiscipline, movement, or violent action at the college campus will be cancelled.